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More Bang Bang for your Buck

Have more fun with a drop-in pull release trigger on your Glock-type pistol!

A Trigger So Nice It Fires Twice

Legal Pull-Release Action

The PR Trigger fires a single round when the trigger is squeezed and a single round when it’s released. 1 Round +1 Trigger Action = Legal Semi-Auto Fire

No Other Mods Needed

Our PR Trigger works with your existing slide, barrel, and frame. Drop it in and hit the range.

More Money For Ammunition

Double your fire rate for less than half the cost of similar systems that require further firearm modification.


Make the range fun again with a Glock-compatible rapid-fire trigger system that is legal to own, use, and bust caps with.

The Affordable Pull Release Trigger for Glock Style Pistols

Engineered for precision, manufactured for quality, and built for fun, PR Triggers give you more bang bang for your buck by firing a round with each action of the trigger–pull and release. This doubles your semi-automatic rate of fire legally.

PR Triggers Model G trigger and parts set