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Become a PR Triggers Dealer

PR Triggers Model G components and packaging

Give Your Customers More Bang for Their Buck

Becoming a pull-release trigger dealer lets you offer unique products to your customers that let them have more fun at the range. PR Triggers custom Glock triggers are a drop-in trigger upgrade that increases the weapon’s rate of fire legally under federal law without breaking the bank. PR Triggers Dealers are offering a unique product they can offer at a fair price while maintaining a healthy profit margin. Build your customer base with a well-engineered product that is both functional and exciting to use on their next range visit.

Firepower Upgrade Exclusively for Glock-Type Pistols

Our Model G pull-release trigger system was engineered solely for Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock-style pistols in 9mm, .357 Sig, and .40 S&W calibers. This let us streamline the design to create a reliable drop-in trigger that maintains the weapon’s semi-automatic action. 

PR Triggers Model G placed next to a Glock pistol

More Shooting Means More Fun

The gun still fires a single round per trigger action, but pull-release triggers fire on both the trigger pull and release, effectively doubling the rate of fire without compromising proper shooting stance or aiming technique. More rounds mean more fun for them and more ammo purchases for you.

Priced to Help Your Bottom Line

Our wholesale pricing gives you the room your gun shop needs to make a profit as a pull-release trigger dealer. Today, more than ever, customers are looking for a balance between reliability, function, and cost. Our pull release triggers are engineered to exact tolerances and quality checked for reliability so you can offer a product to your customers you can stand behind.

Man with a red shirt at an outdoor shooting range testing the PR Triggers Model G

Become a PR Triggers Pull Release Trigger Dealer Today

Expand your product offerings with a custom Glock trigger that helps you stand out from the competition. Pull-release triggers give most shooters a better experience that’s as close to rock-n-roll as they can legally get. Fill out the form below and apply to become a PR Triggers dealer today.