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About PR Triggers

Are you ready to Rock ‘n Roll? Shooting fun at the gun range shouldn’t just be for the privileged few who can afford to buy an expensive, name-brand handgun, then spend just as much money on custom slides and adapters. Founded by and for those who share a passion for our Second Amendment rights to build, keep, and bear arms, we set out to deliver a precision-engineered trigger group for Glock style pistols that is made from quality materials, can easily be swapped out by any gun owner with time on their hands and a few common tools, and that works with your existing pistol’s frame, barrel, and slide. The result is a legal semi-automatic action that doubles your rate of fire without costing you an arm and a leg in anything more than extra ammo at the range. Make your homemade gun better or add some spice to your favorite G model without breaking the bank.

Legal Pull-Release Firing System

Under ATF rules, weapons that fire more than one round per trigger action are classified as NFA weapons requiring special permits, licensing fees, and intrusive background checks. A pull-release trigger, like our Model G Pull Release Trigger for Glock-compatible firearms, only fires a single round every trigger action, but it is designed to fire the weapon on both trigger pull and again as the trigger is returned on release. This effectively doubles the rate of fire possible for your weapon while complying with the ATF’s definition of a semi-automatic firearm. It’s time to liven up the range and light up some targets with real firepower.

Built For Everyday Gunowners Like You

You shouldn’t have to be able to afford a G18 or risk an illegal Giggle Button to get a blazing fast rapid-fire experience from your Glock-type pistol. Get your ammo, toughen up your loading thumbs, and get ready to let ‘er rip. Get more bang-bang for your buck from PR Triggers today.