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Glock-type firearms are increasingly popular, and Glock-compatible gun accessories help you customize your weapon to suit your needs. Designed with a polymer frame and short-recoil action, Gaston Glock’s brainchild faced a lot of resistance from traditionalists when it entered the market. Over the years, however, it has set the bar for firearms performance among military, first-responder, self-defense, competition, and recreational shooters. As the numbers of both name-brand Glocks and compatible firearms from third parties and homemade gun hobbyists have increased, firearm accessories have rushed to keep pace, helping every shooter find the best way to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Strong Aftermarket Support

While the popularity of Glock pistols would be enough to ensure plenty of new gun accessories rolling out annually, the reliable but expensive brand can’t take all the credit. With modern manufacturing technology, homemade firearms and home gunsmithing are increasingly popular. Rather than paying extra for pistol upgrades directly from the manufacturer, shooting sports enthusiasts are empowered to make, purchase, assemble, and customize parts in the comfort of their own home, garage, or workshop. This has put the cost and availability of custom firearms within the grasp of more Americans than ever before.

Building Your Perfect Firearm

Two pistols with accessories installed sitting on a mat

What does your ideal gun look like? There are gun accessories for self-defense, tactical shooting, competitions, and for plain, old fun. For many shooters, the answer is a combination of any or all of the above, and that’s exactly what personal customization is for: building a gun that is uniquely your own. Here are some of the most popular firearms accessories for Glock-type pistols available today.

Practice Precision

Not all gun barrels are made the same, and even with the best, performance can start to slip after you’ve sent tens of thousands of rounds downrange. Competitive shooters know there is a sweet spot for barrels that you find after a few dozen boxes of bullets have “broken in” the barrel: but before the high pressures, temperature variations, and particulate deposits do enough damage that accuracy suffers. Precision barrels can restore life to your firearm or get you back on the paper with tighter groups at the range. Patmos Arms precision-forged slides are cost-effective and come with a lifetime warranty that protects your investment in better shooting. 

Get Triggered

Shooting is fun, therefore, more shooting equals more fun. That’s where a pull-release trigger from PR Triggers comes in. This fully legal semi-automatic trigger fires a round for each action of the trigger. Once when it’s pulled, then again when it’s released. Unlike other binary-style triggers, which cost more, require further gun modification, or require intrusive (and boring) ATF paperwork, the Model G is a drop-in trigger that works in your Glock-style firearm as-is and costs a fraction of what similar models run. It is literally more bang bang for your buck and gets you as close as legally possible to the full-auto fun of a Glock G18 NFA firearm.

Sight It In

Man holding a homemade firearm with a Gideon Optics reflex sight

Replacing the iron sights on a Glock-style firearm is one of the most popular customizations seen across the board. Three dot or notch and blade sights can be difficult to acquire in low light or under stress, which is why so many gun accessories give you the option to change it up. While some gun owners prefer to keep a low profile with fiber optic or glow in the dark upgrades, others choose laser dot sights that show them where their bullets are going. One popular choice is a reflex sight, popularly called red dot sights, which projects a dot, crosshairs, or target reticule onto a lens atop your slide. These can be especially useful for tactical drills or recreational shooting where fast target acquisition, particularly when using a high rate of fire, is important. 

Keep The Rounds Coming

Extended magazines are popular gun accessories for self-defense, competition, and recreational use. If you like to shoot, you never have enough magazines, and too often, you never have enough rounds in those magazines–especially with so many commercial firearms coming with puny 10-rounders. Glock compatible magazines are available from third-party manufacturers and suppliers that double or triple the capacity of “standard” mags. If you’re really tailoring your gun with accessories for rapid-firing fun, there are even drum magazines available that pair well with a pull-release trigger to really light up the range. 

Let Your Light Shine

Unfortunately, you can’t always count on good lighting when you need to use your gun. Underbarrel flashlights, attached to your frame by the rail or a clamp on the trigger guard, are popular firearms accessories for low-light shooting. These small, bright lights give you a clearer view of your target, its surroundings, and the area immediately behind it for improved shooting safety.

Carry It Well

A good holster is a must-have firearms accessory. Whether you need it just for the range, carry openly, or legally carry concealed, you want a way to keep your weapon safe and ready for action. While leather is still popular among some purists, Kydex holsters are popular for Glock and Glock-type firearms owners due to the low cost, variety of styles, and customized fit. As you add external gun accessories, however, it may become difficult to find that perfect fit. That’s when a modern nylon holster makes a good choice to secure your weapon while keeping its finish safer from “holster wear.”

Build For Better Shooting

With a little work, you can tailor your gun to give you a better shooting experience. Shooting sports are an American tradition enshrined in our Second Amendment, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. Enjoy a higher rate of fire that leaves more money in your pocket for ammunition. Order your pull-release trigger for Glock compatible pistols from PR Triggers today.